add employee in QuickBooks Payroll

How To Add Employee in QuickBooks Payroll: Basic Steps

Once activating payroll, you came to know about how to add employee in QuickBooks Payroll, by following the steps given below in this post. Here are some of the steps for setting up QuickBooks payroll for the first time, or if you’re just adding a new employee to your team.

Steps to Add Employee in QuickBooks Payroll 

Some effective steps related to how to add employee in QuickBooks Payroll, are mentioned here:

  1. Go to Employees at left menu bar, and select Add employee to the best of screen.
  2. Input the employee’s name, and complete all of the effective steps.
  3. Click done to go back to the prior screen.
  4. Next, click the pencil Icon to the best of how to add employee in QuickBooks Payroll, and input the pay schedule in the fields which are displayed on the brand new screen.
  5. Click on the bottom right to go back to the prior screen.
  6. Enter the employee pay rate at step 3, and then click the pencil Icon at step 4 to enter any extra deductions the employee has such as for instance garnishment, healthcare, etc.
  7. Click OK button at bottom right to go back to previous screen.
  8. Go through the previous step just how do you intend to pay your employee and select whether you intend to pay by paper check or direct deposit. If you choose direct deposit, you’ll be studied to the screen where you will have a way to incorporate your employee’s bank information
  9. Hit on Ok button to be studied back once again to previous screen.
  10. Now, tap on the Profile at top left of screen and complete the employee’s address and other pertinent information. Tap on the Employment to record hiring information for the employee.
  11. Hit on Done button in the bottom right and you’re done establishing your employee.

Alternative Methods

  • First of all, choose the option of Employees from the left-hand menu, and then select the Add Employee.
  • Now, you have to type the Employee Personal Details, and then choose the Next button.
  • After that, you have to click on the Employment Details
  • You have to type all the Bank Details and Account Type for the Employee, and then choose Next button.

After following all these steps of how to add employee in QuickBooks Payroll you will able to resolve your issue. You can also reach the Quickbooks customer service experts for help. The representatives will fix your issue quickly if you are unable to get your issue resolved by going through the steps mentioned hereby in the bog. The experts will explain you some of the troubleshooting steps to add employee in QuickBooks Payroll issue. They will explain to you the proper guidelines to resolve the issue and will be on call till the time you are unable to resolve the issue. So, quickly, pick up your call and get your issue resolved.

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QuickBooks payroll not withholding taxes

Quick Steps To Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Not Withholding Taxes

If you are looking forward to resolving the issue of QuickBooks payroll not withholding taxes then you have come to the right blog. This blog will guide the users towards the easy step of resolving the issue of QuickBooks payroll not withholding taxes. An instant solution to this issue is also available at QuickBooks online customer service. You can contact QuickBooks service team via calls, live chats, and emails. The first course of action on facing this issue is to ensure that the payroll subscription is active. 

Steps To Check Whether The Payroll Subscription Is Active

  1. Open the Quickbooks accounting software.
  2. Go to the section of ‘Payroll’.
  3. This will open a new page.
  4. Click on the tab of Employees.
  5. This will open a pop-up menu.
  6. Find & select the option of ‘My Payroll Service’
  7. Go to the section of ‘Account/Billing Information’.

Here you will find the status of Payroll subscription. If the subscription is expired then obviously you will need to renew your subscription to resolve the issue. However, if the subscription is not expired then you are simply suffering from the incomplete or partial installation of Payroll update. Contact QuickBooks help team via call for an instant solution

When the software tries to download payroll update and fails to do so completely then this issue occurs on the software. It is more commonly observed when the user leaves a payroll activity in between and resumes it after some time. This is because in between a part of the update gets processed while the user my resume before the update process gets complete. Avail help from the QuickBooks online customer service team instantly.

Steps To Resolve The Issue QuickBooks Payroll Not Withholding Taxes

Mentioned below are some steps to resolve Quickbooks payroll not withholding taxes. Follow the steps given below:-

  1. Go to the check having issues. 
  2. Set the number of work hours to one.
  3. Save the check on the software.
  4. Now, open the check register.
  5. Mark the check as void.
  6. Now, close the accounting software.
  7. Ensure the device is connected with a well-secured internet connection.
  8. After a few hours open the accounting software.
  9. Create a new check for the concerned employee.

You are supposed to wait for a few hours as it will allow the software to complete the update of the Payroll section. But if in case the QuickBooks payroll not withholding taxes issues still persist, then the skilled team of QuickBooks online customer service is available to resolve your issue. Simply dial the helpline number to contact QuickBooks service team instantly.

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payroll service server errors

How To Troubleshoot Payroll Service Server Error: Quick Steps

If you are facing Quickbooks payroll service server error and want to resolve it then follow this blog further to know how to fix payroll service server error.

In the current scenario, if we consider QuickBooks payroll software it is one of the most advanced payroll software that enhances the experience of the users with the help of the most powerful features. These powerful features are combined with the user friendly. It provides various benefits for both novice and professional users. At times due to some technical glitches, it encounters some of the errors and one such error is the payroll service server error. To know how to troubleshoot payroll service server error follow this blog further.

Some of the QuickBooks payroll error is enlisted below along with their causes.

  1. Payroll service server error:  In case this problem this error exists you need to connect to the tech support.
  2. Payroll connection error
  3. Error: QuickBooks has encountered a problem sending your usage data.

Causes For The QuickBooks Payroll Service Server Error

There are various reasons which causes Quickbooks payroll service server error and these reasons are listed below:-

  1. In case the security certificate is not valid.
  2. Now data is being sent in the multi-user mode.
  3. Network Time-out occurred while contacting the QuickBooks servers.
  4. Network problems
  5. Firewall and other security software settings.
  6. The Issue with system properties.

Steps To Fix QuickBooks Payroll Service Server Error

  1. At first, the user needs to reboot your computer and again try to send the payroll data.
  2. Now you need to open your network’s advanced settings to ensure that the use of TLS1.0 is marked check. Use TLS1.1 and USE TLS 1.2 are marked uncheck.
  3. You need to ensure that you are using a network and then opt for that matches your preference perfectly.
  • If you are using a network.
  • If you are not using a network
  1. You need to ensure that you are ensuring an employing single user mode while sending your required data.
  2. You need to update the payroll software.
  3. You need to round check of your system’s properties like time and date.
  4. Internet Explorer should be used as the default web browser.
  5. There should be complete accessibility to secured websites.
  6. Recheck and ensure that the tax tables are updated and recent in their terms. Also, make sure that the QuickBooks version you are using is the latest and most recent release of intuiting.
  7. Uncheck the publisher’s certificate revocation checkbox.
  8. At times the system that you are using to send the payroll data has a wireless internet connection. You need to try to use a system with a cable internet connection to send the required data. Another reason is that wireless connections at times are not safe.
  9. Applications, like be safe, do not allow for swift sending of financial information out of the system. If you are employing these applications try to change settings.
  10. As per the current option switch shared download to either yes or no.
  11. Reassess your subscription plans for the payroll.
  12. You need to check the internet connection for your QuickBooks.
  13. Now you have to add and and to your trusted web sites list and now again try to send your payroll data.

The above-mentioned steps resolved all your issues regarding the Quickbooks payroll service server error. In case the user still persists the Quickbooks payroll service server error problem you should immediately get in touch with the QuickBooks payroll support team. These technical experts will be able to resolve your problem without any problem or hassle. If you face any trouble in connecting with them you can expect a high quality of support from QB payroll help and their team of experts by contacting them.

For any query, you can also contact Quickbooks Online support. Our team is always available for you 24/7. We will help you out in clearing all your queries at your convenience. 

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QuickBooks is unable to send emails

Best Steps To Fix Quickbooks Is Unable to Send Emails

Are you facing QuickBooks is unable to send emails issues while sending emails in Quickbooks? If yes then follow this blog further to know some effective steps to fix QuickBooks is unable to send emails issues.

QuickBooks is the time saver software for many small businesses globally. One can easily manage data with greater accuracy. The applications are cloud-based versions that mainly accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. At times QuickBooks may encounter some issues. One such issue is when QuickBooks is unable to send emails. It can be resolved by one’s self. By following the steps mentioned below you can able to fix QuickBooks is unable to send emails. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to fix QuickBooks is unable to send emails

You receive an error message that is displayed on the screen QuickBooks is unable to send the email. After you receive this error message you should immediately start resolving the issue. Follow the content below to know the various steps associated with the error.

Steps 1: Edit your admin privileges

You need to make sure that QuickBooks isn’t set to automatically run as an administrator.

  1. Close the QuickBooks desktop.
  2. Open the windows start menu.
  3. Type QuickBooks into the search. Then you have to right-click the QuickBooks icon and select the option of properties.
  4. Select the option of the compatibility tab.
  5. Now you have to select the uncheck the run this program as administrator option. If the option is grayed out, select show settings for all users. This makes the option available.
  6. Now select apply and then ok

Open QuickBooks and send a test email or transaction. If the error persists you need to follow step 2.

Step 2: Edits your email preferences in QuickBooks

  1. You have to select the edit menu and then select preferences. In case you use Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft exchange server, open and sign in to Outlook before you move on.
  2. Now you need to select the send forms from the menu. Then go to the My preferences tab.
  3. Now you have to select the Outlook as your email option.
  4. Select ok.

Send a test email from QuickBooks. 

Step 3: Check your internet explorer email preferences

  1. Close QuickBooks.
  2. Open internet explorer.
  3. Select tools then the settings menu and then internet options.
  4. Now you need to select the programs tab. Then set programs.
  5. Now you need to select set your default programs. Then you need to select the email service you want to use.
  6. Select Apply and then ok.
  7. Close internet explorer.

Open QuickBooks and send a test email or transaction.

Step 4: Repair your MAP132.dll

You can also call IT expert as this step is difficult or can follow the steps below:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Open Microsoft word and creates a new document.
  3. Select the file menu, then send and then email as a PDF attachment.

You need to send an email. You can contact Microsoft’s help and support. 

Follow the step to repair MAP132.dll

  1. Close all open programs.
  2. Open the windows start menu.
  3. Type files explorer into search and open File Explorer.
  4. Type C:\Windows\System 32 into search.
  5. Find and open Fixmapi.exe. Follow the on-screen instructions to run the repair.
  6. When the repair finishes, restart your computer.

If the error persists you can follow the next step.

Step 5 Clean install QuickBooks

You need to follow the steps to clean install QuickBooks desktop.

 You can follow the above steps to fix QuickBooks is unable to send emails. If in any case you are still facing QuickBooks is unable to send emails errors then you can contact our Quickbooks online support team. The team of QuickBooks Experts is always there to help you. You can connect to QuickBooks online support team any time.

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Quickbooks error code 12152

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 12152: Effective Solutions

The application software QuickBooks suffers from diverse technical error codes and issues. The Quickbooks error code 12152 is related to the issue of internet connectivity. This error code prevents the user from installing the latest update of the accounting software. The QuickBooks Error Code 12152 thus causes issues in making the optimum use of the accounting software. The error code 12152 can be resolved in multiple ways. Users can also take the help from the team of QuickBooks Customer Care for the effective solution of the error codeThis blog is to guide the users about the possible causes, symptoms, and effective solutions to the Quickbooks error code 12152.

Possible Causes of Quickbooks Error Code 12152

  1. Using an outdated version of the Quickbooks accounting software can cause the Quickbooks error code 12152 on the device.
  2. Issues occurred during the installation process of the application software.
  3. Failing of confirmation of the license data of the software can lead the error code to occur.
  4. Improper functioning of the API keys of the system device.
  5. Errors in the internet settings of the device can also cause the QuickBooks error code 12152 to occur.

Usual Symptoms of Quickbooks Error Code 12152

  1. The screen will be displayed with the error code 12152 while trying to update accounting software QuickBooks.
  2. The active Windows program might get crashed while a user is working on it.
  3. The application software may take too long to respond to inputs.
  4. The screen of the user may freeze temporarily at regular intervals.

Effective Solution of Quickbooks Error Code 12152

Solution-1: Correcting the date and time

  1. Check the display date and time on the device.
  2. Use Right-click on the date & time displayed if the values are not correct.
  3. This will display the tab of Date & Time.
  4. Select the icon of the ‘Change time zone’
  5. Now Reboot QuickBooks software to resolve the error code.

Solution-2: Rectify the Internet Settings

  1. Click over the Start icon of the home screen.
  2. Go to the Control Panel.
  3. The Control Panel Windows will open.
  4. Choose the Internet options tab by clicking on it.
  5. Select the Advanced tab from the list of tabs.
  6. Now click open the Advanced tab.
  7. Choose the Advance Reset option.
  8. Check if the issue is resolved from the software.

Solution-3: Restore the device

  1. Login to the device as the Administrator.
  2. Choose the Start menu using left-click.
  3. Select ‘All Programs’ by clicking on it.
  4. Go to the list of options and choose ‘Accessories’
  5. Choose the icon of System tools.
  6. Now choose System Restore from the list.
  7. This will open the restore Windows on the screen.
  8. Choose ‘Restore My computer to an earlier time’ icon from the screen.
  9. Now Select the Next icon option.
  10. Follow the instructions displayed.

The QuickBooks error code 12152 should get resolved by following either of the above solutions. Connect with the team of QuickBooks Customer Care to resolve the error code of the Quickbooks accounting software

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QuickBooks unable to sync license

Best Steps to fix QuickBooks Unable to Sync License

QuickBooks is the time saver software for many small businesses globally. One can easily manage data with greater accuracy. QuickBooks have various versions in case of usability and functionality. It is accounting software. The applications are cloud-based versions that mainly accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. At times QuickBooks may encounter some issues. One such is QuickBooks unable to sync license.

The user needs to follow the steps below to fix this QuickBooks unable to sync license issue:

Steps to fix QuickBooks unable to sync license issue

The user needs to connect to the Quickbooks customer service team for help. The users need to check the data and the time of the system and in case it is incorrect the user has to correct it. Follow the steps below to fix QuickBooks unable to sync license issues.

  1. At first, the user needs to check the license and the product number that one should enter correctly. Further, for the verification, one can use the license lookup tool.
  2. In case the first solution is not working you can rename the entitlementdatastore.ecml file.
  3. You have to check the internet connectivity and you have to connect the firewall and internet security.
  4. You have to check the security settings in the internet explorer.
  5. You need to reset the settings of the internet explorer

To reset internet explorer setting follow these steps mentioned below:-

  • Go to the security tab you have to select the internet icon> click the default level.
  • Select the local intranet icon> click on the default level.
  • Go to the advanced tab
  • You need to click on the Restore advanced settings button.
  • You have to select the reset IE settings
  • Click on Ok to save the changes.
  • Close and restart internet explorer.

The above steps will help to resolve the QuickBooks unable to sync license issue. In case of any problem, they can connect to the tech team.

For any query, you can also contact Quickbooks Payroll Support. Our team is always available for you 24/7. We will help you out in clearing all your queries at your convenience.

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QuickBooks error code PS033

Effective Solutions To Resolve QuickBooks error code PS033

If you are looking forward to resolving the QuickBooks error code PS033 then you have come to the right place. This blog is to guide the users towards a simple and effective solution for QuickBooks error code PS033. Whether you are facing the issue on the desktop version or the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting version you can implement the same steps to resolve the issue from the software. If you face any issue while resolving the error code, connect with the QuickBooks Customer Care team for an easy and effective solution.

You may wish to learn the causes and symptoms of the software error code PS033. So, the blog also gives insights into the QuickBooks error code PS033. 

Causes of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033

Mentioned Below are some of the reasons which causes QuickBooks error code PS033.

  1. Due to the technical issues, the subscription of the Quickbooks accounting software may have failed to activate properly.
  2. Corrupt or damaged files present in the device of the user.
  3. Using an old or outdated version of the accounting software for too long.
  4. Issues in the registration of the accounting software.
  5. Partial installation of the software on the device.

Instant solution to the QuickBooks error code PS033 is available with the QuickBooks Customer Care team. The team resolves errors and issues from multiple versions of the device including the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting edition.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033

  1. The device’s screen gets displayed with the message ‘QuickBooks error PS033’.
  2. Freezing of the device for a few seconds at a regular interval.
  3. Crashing of the active program Window from the screen.
  4. Slow response to the user’s input.

Quick Solution to The QuickBooks Error Code PS033

Solution-1: Try Renaming the CPS Folder

  1. Open the QuickBooks accounting software.
  2. Navigate to the section of ‘Update’.
  3. Click on the icon of ‘QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table’.
  4. Navigate to the C-folder of the computer.
  5. Double-click on the QuickBooks folder.
  6. Head to the Payroll section.
  7. Now, rename the folder of CPS.
  8. Add OLD to the existing for renaming the folder.
  9. Now try updating the Quickbooks Payroll section.

Solution-2: Try Manual Update

  1. Open QuickBooks software.
  2. Navigate to the tab of ‘Employees’.
  3. Choose the option of ‘Download Payroll Updates’.
  4. Download the file and install it.

If the QuickBooks error code PS033 is still displayed on the device then contact the QuickBooks Customer Care team. Additionally, you can try restarting the device to check whether the solution was effective or not. The team holds years of experience in resolving multiple error codes from the accounting software. This enables the team to resolve the issues from the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting edition within minutes.

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QuickBooks payroll for Mac

Best Ways To Use QuickBooks payroll For Mac

QuickBooks Payroll is an advanced payroll software for businesses, startups, and large enterprises. It simplifies your payroll processing so you can focus more on business growth. QuickBooks Payroll program offers many device compatibilities like Mac & Windows. QuickBooks Payroll for Mac is mostly useful for individual accountants, small to medium enterprises, large enterprise managers, and accounting firms. Contact Payroll offers you QuickBooks helpline support that caters to many technical issues arising out of QuickBooks Payroll for Mac usage. Contact QuickBooks helpline support if you are looking for expert assistance or payroll issues consultation of QuickBooks Payroll for Mac.

Top Attributes Of QuickBooks Payroll For Mac

When you choose to integrate QuickBooks Payroll for Mac, you have two options. The one option is to only pay the salary to your employees. Another option is to perform all your accounting activities at an improvised level. If you want to use QB Payrolls for Mac only for employee payment, then have to choose the Basic feature. As per our opinion, this is quite economical and should be within your budget. You can upgrade QuickBooks payroll 2021 with the help of QuickBooks helpline support.

Ways to Access QuickBooks Payroll on Mac using Various Web Browsers

If you have to access QuickBooks Payroll on Mac, you can opt for either of these two options.

Option 1: You can use an online payroll service called QuickBooks Payroll for Mac which is compatible to integrate and with QuickBooks for Mac 2006 or its later versions. The supported browsers are Firefox v2.0 or later versions or Safari v3.1 and later versions.

Option 2: You may choose to use Payroll for QuickBooks online which allows integration with QuickBooks online and compatible with Safari v3.1 and later versions.

Basic Requirements For Using QuickBooks For Mac 2020

If you want to use QuickBooks Desktop on a Mac machine, these are the basic pre-requisites you have to meet:

  1. You have to register for the software. 
  2. You must have a stable internet connection that allows you to download and install the software updates without any interruption.
  3. Your Mac machine should have macOS X v10.14 Mojave or later versions.

If you are unable to use it despite fulfilling all these conditions, you have to get in touch with QuickBooks helpline support immediately and ask for help. They should be able to resolve your issues within a short time.

How Can You Edit Employee Information on QB Payroll for Mac

Adding employee detail into the QuickBooks Payroll is essential to process the salary. You can follow the steps mentioned below one by one to make sure that you enter only the correct details without any mistake.

  • First of all, you need to choose the “Lists and Employees” option.
  • Choose an employee name that you want to edit and double click on the name. 
  • Check out if the name is similar to the name listed in QuickBooks 2013 for Mac software.
  • If it matches then you can click on the OK button to save changes.

Benefits of Using QuickBooks Utility For Mac

Once you setup payroll in QuickBooks with Mac, you are just a few clicks away from executing most of the tasks. Despite not being an inbuilt service for QuickBooks Mac, the profitability of the Payroll service is perfect. All you have to do is to make sure that the employee detail you entered is accurate.

Concluding Words

This blog compiled all the basic information you need to use QuickBooks payroll for Mac. Hence, you should not have any trouble while using QB Payroll. However, you can always ask for help from QuickBooks helpline support in case of any problem.

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quickbooks payroll error PS077

How to Resolve Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077: Effective Steps

Are You facing Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077? If yes, then you are at right place to resolve this Quickbooks error PS077. Visit this blog Further to know how to resolve this error.

Quickbooks is one of the most used software nowadays and with its increase in demand, the questions to resolve various errors regarding software updates has also increased. Here in this blog, we will discuss the most common error Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077. This error occurs with a pop-up on your screen stating “QuickBooks is having trouble installation payroll tax table update”.

Talking about its causes, the most common cause of Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077 is when QuickBooks payroll updates are downloaded. Before we move forward for the solutions of solving, here are a few other causes of the error which are: corrupted QuickBooks company files, incorrect or outdated billing information, no registration on QuickBooks software, damaged tax table files by QB payroll.

After trying the following steps even if the problem persists or you need expert assistance, feel free to contact QuickBooks and get in touch with QuickBooks Customer Service.

Troubleshooting methods for Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077

Method 1: 

  1. Your first step is to logout from all QuickBooks accounts.
  2. To make sure all Quickbooks windows are closed, close all your system windows.
  3. Now click on ‘windows task manager’ to verify all Quickbook windows that are opened.
  4. Open the Quickbooks once again and try downloading the payroll updates again.
  5. If you see that the problem still exists then go to ‘files’ and select ‘utilities and repair QuickBooks’.

Method 2: 

  1. To check if you have the most recent version of Quickbooks then login to your intuit account and verify your QuickBooks license.
  2. On Quickbooks payroll service account information, check for the information like billing information.
  3. Now to fix your Quickbooks errors, refer to Quickbooks error technical support team.
  4. Go to ‘files’ and then ‘utilities’, then check and create your Quickbooks data.
  5. It is suggested to switch off user account control(UAC) if you are currently using windows 7 or 8, and then try to download Quickbooks payroll updates.
Condition 1: If you have installed only one version of Quickbooks desktop

If only one version of Quickbooks is installed on your desktop then you should not complete those steps.

  1. The first step is to take the backup Quickbook company file.
  2. Now close all the running applications and open the ‘run’ window.
Windows 8:
  1. Now go to the ‘Window system section’.
  2. From there you have to open the ‘start screen’.
  3. To select the ‘Run’ option, right-click on the ‘background to all apps’.
Windows 7 or XP:
  1. Click on the ‘start’ menu.
  2. After that keep clicking as given: ‘All programs’ then ‘Accessories’, then click on ‘Run’

Windows Vista:

Click on the ‘start’ menu and in the search field enter the ‘Run’ command.

Condition 2: If you have installed multiple versions of Quickbooks desktop

To do better in Selective startup, install a clean version of Quickbooks desktop.

Since you are using multiple versions of Quickbooks desktop, you need to delete all additional installations and reset your Quickbooks update.

  1. After cleanup, download the latest payroll tax tables.
  2. If it is necessary to rebuild the data, then first re-sort the list and then use the ‘verify data’ or ‘rebuild data’ process.
  3. Now go for a clean uninstall or reinstall process in Selective startup.

These were the simple steps that could lead you to resolve Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077 functioning in Quickbooks while performing updates. If after following these steps you feel that the Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077 still prevails then without hesitation contact Quickbooks and get in touch with QuickBooks Customer Service.

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