As a brand new QuickBooks Payroll user, you may need to know how to setup Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop on the display to complete establishing your account. To produce it easily, you have to proceed with the task list in order. You have to enter payroll tax information and data about any existing employees, such as for example name, address, and pay rate when you have the choice to enter your bank account details.

Steps to setup Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

Here we will discuss some steps to setup direct deposit in Quickbooks desktop. Follow the steps mentioned below:-

Connect Your Bank Account to QuickBooks Payroll

When you’re ready to setup direct deposit in Quickbooks desktop feature, click on the option of let’s go, and after that tap on the next button to Connect your bank and select the choice of Begin. 

 You can examine the info you previously entered about your company, like contact details, website, and your tax ID number. Additionally, you will check that the name, date of birth, and Social Security quantity of your principal officer is correct. The principal officer is the one who is legally in control of the lender account you intend to use. And finally, you’ll are able to enter or review your bank account and routing number, alongside any online banking sign-in details.

To include your bank account details, you are able to either enter the info manually or look for your bank and register along with your online banking credentials. It’s usually quicker to sign into your bank account; manually entering the info can delay the method for some days. If you’re focused on providing your sign-in information online, remember that QuickBooks Payroll works on the security system for all its processes.

Once your bank account is linked to your payroll account, QuickBooks will send two small pre-authorized debits to your bank account; don’t worry, they’ll disappear in just a few days. Additionally, you will receive a message requesting one to verify the debit amounts. As soon as you verify the amounts, you’ll receive a message confirmation stating your account has been verified.

Print Direct Deposit Authorization Form and Give Employees

Once your bank account is connected, you may need to make sure your employees’ bank account information is established in the system. Before entering anything, though, you will need to print the directions and have each participating employee sign it. This can protect you because legally, you’re prohibited to send a paycheck to an employee’s bank account unless they provide you with their approval.

 Tap on the option of Authorization for Direct Deposit, and Bank Verification. Then, you’ll select the option of View, and print enough copies so each employee who would like to opt into the direct deposit option can.

Enter Employees’ Bank Account Information

To enter your employees’ bank account information, you may need to visit the “Employees” tab and set them up. If their payroll records are actually put up, just select each individually from the list and enter their corresponding bank details.

If you need any assistance related to how to setup Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop, you can get in touch with Quickbooks online support specialists, whenever you want. They will guide you some quick solutions to setup Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop and resolve your issues as soon as possible.