Among the various range of QuickBooks error lies the QuickBooks payroll error ps058 is a bit different error as it has no specific reason as to why it is occurring. A general reason for this occurrence might be when someone tries to download the latest payroll update.

The other general reasons for its occurrence are corrupted windows explorer, damaged company Quickbooks company files, access to Quickbooks might be prevented by Firewall or other security software, and few others. But there is no need to worry as here in this blog we are providing some simple steps through which you can easily resolve Quickbooks Payroll Error PS058. After trying the following steps even if the Quickbooks Payroll Error PS058 problem persists feel free to contact QuickBooks and get in touch with QuickBooks Customer Service.

Methods  to troubleshoot  Quickbooks Payroll Error PS058

Mentioned below are some methods to troubleshoot Quickbooks payroll error PS058

Method  1: Download Payroll Update again

  1. From the payroll server, download the payroll update again.
  2. Then click on the help menu and from the ‘Employees‘ section click on ‘Get Payroll Update’.
  3. The next step is to click on the ‘Download Entire Update’ checkbox and then click on ‘Download Latest Update’.

Method 2: Look for the latest software update and download it online

  1. Firstly, check out the patch file ‘qbwebpatch.exe’ and download it.

  2. This can be downloaded from the official site of QuickBooks. While doing this make sure that you have an active internet connection.

  3. Now transfer the downloaded file from one computer to another that has QuickBooks installed in it.

  4. Further proceed to install the patch file in that system and update the tax file from CD/flash drive

Method 3: Check out the company file for errors if present in it

  1. Open the QuickBooks and press F2 or Ctrl+1 to open ‘Product Information’.
  2. Once you do this a window appears. Now press F3 or Ctrl+2 keys.
  3. Now click on the ‘Open file’ from ‘Tech Help’ Window. 
  4. Check for a file named ‘qbwin.log’. If present, open the file.
  5. Now press the Ctrl+F key to open a window. Then enter ‘Error’ infield and press ‘enter’ key.
  6. Then look for the numerical error code of QuickBooks and search for it on the website.

Method 4: If you used RegCure or came across no error while performing the last step then do as follows

  1. Firstly close the QuickBooks desktop then press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys and open ‘task manager utility’
  2. After opening it, check out for the programs named ‘qbupdate.exe’ and ‘qbdagent2001.exe’. If they are present then close them by the ‘Close Program’ tab.

  3. Search for the file ‘reboot.bat’ using the search window and open it by clicking twice on it.
  4. This will take you to ‘DOS-type shell’ and once it is completed it will get closed automatically.
  5. After it gets closed restart your system and start downloading the latest payroll update again.

Method 5: You need to run the file ‘reboot.bat’

  1. Press the keys Ctrl+Alt+Delete, a list appears. Select ‘Task Manager’ from it.
  2. Then move on to ‘Processes Tab’ and go to QuickBooks processes. From here end all the processes one after another.
  3. Type ‘reboot.bat’ in the search field after opening the start menu and hit enter.
  4. Now run this file and watch all the processes getting completed.
  5. After it gets finished, reboot your computer.
  6. Then download the latest payroll tax table

Perform these easy steps to get your Quickbooks Payroll Error PS058 resolved. If the Quickbooks Payroll Error PS058 problem still persists, you can contact QuickBooks. You can get in touch with QuickBooks Customer Service through the QuickBooks Phone number.