If you are using the 2017 or older version of the accounting software QuickBooks, you may suffer from the QuickBooks Error PS038. You need not worry because you have landed the correct page. This blog is to provide the users with multiple solutions to the accounting software Quickbooks error PS038. For quick assistance to resolve the software error Ps038 connect with the QuickBooks online customer service team. There are multiple methods to contact the QuickBooks customer care team and the common one includes phone calls, live chats, and emails.

The QuickBooks error PS038 usually occurs when the user tries to send paychecks via online transfer mode. The transfer of the check fails and the user is displayed with the message ‘QB Payroll Can’t Update’. Sometimes the message may also be displayed as ‘QB error PS038 Valid Payroll subscription’. As discussed earlier in the blog the error code is mainly in the 2017 and older versions of the accounting software. So, the newer version of the accounting software QuickBooks doesn’t usually suffer from this issue.

Causes of QuickBooks Error PS038

Have a look at the common causes of the QuickBooks error PS038. If you in a hurry you can jump to solutions or try connecting with the QuickBooks online customer service team. The team is available on the helpline number to make it easier for the users to contact QuickBooks.  

  1. Accessing a damaged or corrupt file on the device.
  2. Having a slow or poor internet connection.
  3. Trying to update the accounting software.
  4. The accounting software failing to validate the payroll subscription.

Easy Solutions to resolve QuickBooks Error PS038

Here we will discussed some easy solutions to resolve Quickbooks error PS038. Follow the solutions given below:-

Solution-1: Update the Accounting Software

  1. Open the application software QuickBooks.
  2. Navigate to the section of Update. Click on it to search for updates.
  3. Download the latest update.
  4. Allow the installation process to complete.
  5. Restart the device.
  6. Now open the accounting software.
  7. Navigate to the section of Employees.
  8. Select the option of ‘My Payroll Services’.
  9.  Click on the icon of ‘Send Usage Data’.
  10.  Now update Payroll.

If the solution fails to produce the desired results then connect with the QuickBooks online customer service team. You can also try the next solution for the issue.

Solution-2: Verify Data

  1. Go to the tab of Edit.
  2. Click on the icon of Find.
  3. Navigate to the ‘Advanced Tab’.
  4. Click on the icon of ‘Choose Filter’.
  5. Select the option of ‘Summary Only’.
  6. Again, go to the ‘Filter’ section.
  7. Click on the option of ‘Online status’.
  8. Select the option of ‘Online to Send’.
  9. Now run ‘Verify Data’ on the software

The above mentioned solutions are helpful to resolve Quickbooks error PS038. But in case the error still persist after following these solutions, then you can contact our QuickBooks online customer service team. Here our experts will provide you some quick and easy solutions to resolve your problem as soon as possible.