The application software QuickBooks suffers from diverse technical error codes and issues. The Quickbooks error code 12152 is related to the issue of internet connectivity. This error code prevents the user from installing the latest update of the accounting software. The QuickBooks Error Code 12152 thus causes issues in making the optimum use of the accounting software. The error code 12152 can be resolved in multiple ways. Users can also take the help from the team of QuickBooks Customer Care for the effective solution of the error codeThis blog is to guide the users about the possible causes, symptoms, and effective solutions to the Quickbooks error code 12152.

Possible Causes of Quickbooks Error Code 12152

  1. Using an outdated version of the Quickbooks accounting software can cause the Quickbooks error code 12152 on the device.
  2. Issues occurred during the installation process of the application software.
  3. Failing of confirmation of the license data of the software can lead the error code to occur.
  4. Improper functioning of the API keys of the system device.
  5. Errors in the internet settings of the device can also cause the QuickBooks error code 12152 to occur.

Usual Symptoms of Quickbooks Error Code 12152

  1. The screen will be displayed with the error code 12152 while trying to update accounting software QuickBooks.
  2. The active Windows program might get crashed while a user is working on it.
  3. The application software may take too long to respond to inputs.
  4. The screen of the user may freeze temporarily at regular intervals.

Effective Solution of Quickbooks Error Code 12152

Solution-1: Correcting the date and time

  1. Check the display date and time on the device.
  2. Use Right-click on the date & time displayed if the values are not correct.
  3. This will display the tab of Date & Time.
  4. Select the icon of the ‘Change time zone’
  5. Now Reboot QuickBooks software to resolve the error code.

Solution-2: Rectify the Internet Settings

  1. Click over the Start icon of the home screen.
  2. Go to the Control Panel.
  3. The Control Panel Windows will open.
  4. Choose the Internet options tab by clicking on it.
  5. Select the Advanced tab from the list of tabs.
  6. Now click open the Advanced tab.
  7. Choose the Advance Reset option.
  8. Check if the issue is resolved from the software.

Solution-3: Restore the device

  1. Login to the device as the Administrator.
  2. Choose the Start menu using left-click.
  3. Select ‘All Programs’ by clicking on it.
  4. Go to the list of options and choose ‘Accessories’
  5. Choose the icon of System tools.
  6. Now choose System Restore from the list.
  7. This will open the restore Windows on the screen.
  8. Choose ‘Restore My computer to an earlier time’ icon from the screen.
  9. Now Select the Next icon option.
  10. Follow the instructions displayed.

The QuickBooks error code 12152 should get resolved by following either of the above solutions. Connect with the team of QuickBooks Customer Care to resolve the error code of the Quickbooks accounting software