Are you looking for solutions to verify direct deposit in Quickbooks desktop. If yes, then follow this blog further to know the best steps to verify direct deposit in Quickbooks desktop.

With the direct deposit feature in QuickBooks Payroll, you can easily create and send a paycheck within the same company file. You could face data loss of the company file while sending paychecks. Here in the below-mentioned blog, we have provided some methods such as how to verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop to set up the direct deposit in QuickBooks payroll for different Intuit and QuickBooks payroll services. You have to choose your product and follow the steps carefully for the direct deposit of paychecks.   

Steps to Verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

If you want to know how to verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop, you have to go through the tips mentioned below. 

  • Select Employees and then choose the Employee Centre and hit on the Employee list
  • Now, Choose the Employee’s Name
  • After that, Choose the Payroll Info Tab
  • Now, you have to Choose Direct Deposit button
  • Go to the Direct Deposit Window and then choose Employee’s Name in the Direct Deposit
  • Now, check all the requirements and type details of the employee of your company. 
  • For two accounts in paycheck deposit, you have to enter the amount and the percentage that you want to deposit in the first account. 
  • After that, you will automatically get the remaining percentage
  • Choose Ok button
  • The data and information will save automatically. 
  • Then, type the direct deposit pin
Edit, Modify, Cancel Direct Deposit QB

You can easily update the employee’s direct deposit information on the same page

You need to type the Direct Deposit Pin here; type the pin
  • Create the paycheck of employee’s by editing bank account information
  • For the older paychecks, the settlement would mechanically be deposited and reflected in the older bank account.
  • However, in wide-ranging words, you need to avoid this. 
  • First of all, delete all the paycheck, recreate it, and then send compensation to QuickBooks

Alternative Way

  • Open paycheck and then Open the paycheck screen
  • Now, Open the paycheck details, deselect the direct deposit option and then you can choose the option of Save
  • After that, you have to close it and once again, open the paycheck and then tap on the direct deposit button.
  • Be sure that you save it properly
Employee’s revenue shouldn’t be reflected with the direct deposit

For an employee that you don’t want to pay for the direct deposit, it can be easily removed from the setup

  • Select the Employees 
  • After that, Choose Employees Center
  • Now, Tap on Edit the profile of the employee.
  • Double-Hit on the employee’s name
  • Now, Open the payroll information, and Choose the payroll tab
  • Select the direct deposit button and then choose the employees’ direct deposit button

So, these are some of the steps related to how to verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop. Follow them in the exact way to get rid of these issues. If you require any assistance, you can get in touch with our Quickbooks customer service team. Here our Quickbooks experts will guide you in some alternative ways or techniques to verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop.