Here in this blog we will discussed how do we print paycheck in quickbooks. Before starting with the tutorial on how you can print and revert paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop, let’s know some bits about the famous QuickBooks software.

About QuickBooks:

QuickBooks is an accounting software tool that lets you track the profits and spending of your business. One of the benefits of utilizing QuickBooks is accessing vital financial statistics (such as profit and loss), so you can assess your business’ overall health at any time. Accessing these reports makes your taxes a breeze. QuickBooks has been around for nearly three decades and is the accounting software used by millions of small businesses worldwide.

In addition to software that can be installed or downloaded to a desktop computer, QuickBooks also offers a cloud-based service that can be accessed from any internet-connected mobile device or desktop computer.

QuickBooks Desktop gives its users a simple white paper to produce a paycheck, and this blog is about how to print paycheck in QuickBooks. QuickBooks Desktop employs a template or basic format layout but cannot modify the typeface. When we print on an empty paper, the company name, address, and phone number will display at the bottom and top of the page. You can use QuickBooks Desktop to email, print, and revert the paychecks to employees. This is supplied as a PDF file decrypted by the lone password that eventually helps preserve the format and the pay stubs layout. So, if you couldn’t find how you can print a paycheck on QuickBooks, you are at the right spot. Find the tutorial below to print paycheck in QuickBooks.

Before proceeding with the steps for QuickBooks print paychecks:

  • You have your pre-printed banking details checks.
  • QuickBooks Desktop won’t print routing number, signature, and account number.
  • To buy pre-printed checks, visit the Intuit marketplace checks.

Steps to print paycheck in QuickBooks

Below we can provide you with instructions to print paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop; check the steps, and follow carefully to print paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop successfully. 

Step 1:-Verify Printer Setup

The very first step is to set up the printer, check all the printer points.

  • From the File menu bar, select Printer Setup.
  • Printer to print paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Then pick Check or Paycheck.
  • Ensure you’ve picked the proper printer and Check format, and then push OK.
  • Choose printer type:-

Printer Name:- Printer should be yours.

Printer Type:- Printer should be yours.

Check Style:- Select 3-part checks, i.e., paycheck with two pay stubs)

  • Load your printer’s check forms, and then click Ok.
  • You may want to test a blank paper check to establish the direction to feed your check stock into your printer.
  • Write Top, Bottom on the blank sheet of paper, then flip over and write back.
  • Load your printer’s test paper and follow the procedures below to test one-check printing.
  • Review how the papers check info prints and load your check stock accordingly. 

Step 2:- Regular Print payroll or direct deposit forms

  • Select File, and then select Print Forms.
  • Choose paycheck.
  • Choose from your payroll bank account.
  • Verify that the number in the field First Check Number matches your printer’s main check-in number.
  • Choose paycheck or Direct Deposits.
  • Select the checks to print.
  • To choose all checks, pick all.
  • To choose individual checks, select the white side of the date.
  • To print a global message on each paycheck, put the message in the company message to be printed on all paycheck boxes.
  • Choose OK.
  • If required, adjust your printer settings (this is also a point where your check format can be changed), then print. (For complete printer settings information, select Print Checks Window Help.)
  • Make sure the checks are printed effectively and respond to OK Did check(s)? Message.
  • Then click the OK option.

This is how you can print paycheck in QuickBooks. The procedure is quite long and a bit ticklish, so make sure you read all the steps first carefully and then follow. QuickBooks Desktop has given this feature of printing paychecks as a blessing. You don’t need to look for anything else to print paychecks; QuickBooks is like a one-stop solution for all types of accounting services, and if you are one of the users, you will find all the error solutions at our website. Keep visiting to know more about such a solution.


We, Contact Payroll, allow QuickBooks print paycheck quickly on QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the clear and straightforward methods to complete this self without depending on any technical service. If you still need any assistance following the procedures, you can get in touch with QuickBooks payroll Support. Our certified QuickBooks experts will assist in how to print paycheck in QuickBooks