If You are Facing Direct Deposit issues in Quickbooks payroll and looking for solutions, then you are at right blog, here in this blog we will describe you how to fix direct deposit issues in Quickbooks payroll. Follow this blog further for more information.

Making payments via cheque or cash has become obsolete nowadays. With the invention of QuickBooks Payroll software, the Direct Deposit feature in QuickBooks has become quite a trending thing. Compared to the conventional paperwork that was done while paying employees, Direct Deposit has proved to be an easier and faster option among employees. However, there might be occasional Direct Deposit issues in Quickbooks payroll faced by the users. 

Irrespective of the types of issues, it becomes imperative to get a solution. In no circumstances would an employer want to delay the employees’ payment procedure. It would hamper the reputation of the organization. Hence, to fix Direct Deposit issues in QuickBooks payroll users can apply the following steps:

Before using Direct Deposit:

  • Bank account should be verified
  • Adding employees’ bank account details in QuickBooks
  • Making pay checks for the DD

Direct Deposit issues in Quickbooks payroll error message for first time users

Sometimes, first time users, creating Direct Deposit payroll might encounter with an error message. The reason for Direct Deposit issues in Quickbooks payroll might be the user not being able to give approval for all the Direct Deposit checks together while operating the initial DD payroll. The following steps can help to rectify the issue:

  • All DD pay checks should be deleted
  • All DD pay checks should be recreated
  • All DD pay checks need to be approved

Fund transfer with incorrect account information through QuickBooks Direct Deposit

In such a scenario, it is important to discuss the matter with the bank and check the status of the incorrect bank account. A reversal can be initiated against the Direct Deposit if the account is active. However, if the account doesn’t exist or is a closed one then the user can consult with the customer support services of the bank and get the payroll rejected.

There might be a situation wherein, the account details used for Direct Deposit payroll, belong to another employee. In such cases, the account holder needs to be informed and find ways to settle the entire matter via mutual agreement. Reverse a Direct Deposit would play a major role over here.

Pay check initiated for a closed account:

Here it is important to discuss the matter with the concerned bank representative and try to find ways to get the payroll rejected. Users will be informed once the payroll is rejected, otherwise, proper coordination should be initiated to get back the funds.

The above-mentioned points are a few of the common mishaps and measures to fix Direct Deposit issues in QuickBooks payroll. At times, the problems might be too exigent to be resolved soon, but users can always contact the Quickbooks payroll support services of the concerned online banking and get help from experts.