Direct Deposit Activation in QuickBooks

Effective Steps To Do Direct Deposit Activation in QuickBooks?

Are you looking for solutions to direct deposit activation in Quickbooks. If yes, then follow the blog further here we will discuss some best steps to direct deposit activation in Quickbooks.

As any business owner can tell you, handling payroll on your own can be quite a headache. In addition to paying the employees, it is straightforward. As in QuickBooks, it permits you to use direct deposit for both the employees and merchants. You have to follow the key steps given below related to QuickBooks online direct deposit and instantly begin paying your employees. Let’s have a look at the steps to direct deposit activation in Quickbooks and start paying your employees.

Key Steps Regarding Direct deposit activation in QuickBooks

Mentioned below are some steps to do direct deposit activation in Quickbooks. Follow the steps mentioned below:- 

Key Step 1: Type Company Information

For direct deposit in QuickBooks, at the first step, verify your company’s information, including the genuine name, EIN, address, and industry. After that, you have to update the correct information if required.

Key Step 2: Enter Bank Information

You have to type your business’s bank information. Choose the bank account from which you want to pay employees. Verify that either it is a savings account. After that, enter the legal name, account number, and routing number linked with that bank account. 

Key Step 3: Set Security Limits

Now, QuickBooks will currently ask you to type three security checks. You can use the drop-down menus and choose the most exact alternatives for your business.

Key Step 4: Activate Direct Deposit

If you want to know how to activate direct deposit, you have to verify your bank account, and QuickBooks will charge both of your little verification sums. When you see these charges on your banking records, you can formally activate your direct deposit.

Key Step 5: Check Direct Deposit

If there are two confirmation charges in your bank records:

  • Go to the Employee
  • Choose– My Payroll Service
  • Now, Activate Direct Deposit. 
Key Step 6: Enter Employees’ Direct Deposit Information

If you have to enter the Employee’s direct deposit information

  • Go to the Employee
  • Under Employee, Choose Employee Center 

Choose the worker whom you wish to setup direct deposit. When you can see that representative’s information, Open the Payroll Information and choose Direct Deposit.

Key Step 7: Run Payroll

Run the payroll utilizing direct deposit and follow all the effective guidelines to run the payroll. When the display appears before you, hit on Send Payroll to Intuit and pay your employees through direct deposit.

Key Step 8: Type Direct Deposit Pin

A direct deposit pin should be given to you to verify the exchange and then enter the direct deposit pin.

Key Step 9: Print Pay Stubs

If you are effectively paid to your Employee’s using the direct deposit, keep in mind to print– pay hits. 

  • Open the File
  • Print the Forms
  • Lastly, Pay Stubs to print pay hits in QuickBooks.

If you have paid your employees using QuickBooks online direct deposit and provided them their payslips. Still, have inquiries regarding Direct Deposit Activation in QuickBooks and how to activate direct deposit? Reach the Quickbooks customer service for help. Here our Quickbooks experts are 24/7 available for your assistance. 

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Verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

Effective steps To Verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop?

Are you looking for solutions to verify direct deposit in Quickbooks desktop. If yes, then follow this blog further to know the best steps to verify direct deposit in Quickbooks desktop.

With the direct deposit feature in QuickBooks Payroll, you can easily create and send a paycheck within the same company file. You could face data loss of the company file while sending paychecks. Here in the below-mentioned blog, we have provided some methods such as how to verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop to set up the direct deposit in QuickBooks payroll for different Intuit and QuickBooks payroll services. You have to choose your product and follow the steps carefully for the direct deposit of paychecks.   

Steps to Verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

If you want to know how to verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop, you have to go through the tips mentioned below. 

  • Select Employees and then choose the Employee Centre and hit on the Employee list
  • Now, Choose the Employee’s Name
  • After that, Choose the Payroll Info Tab
  • Now, you have to Choose Direct Deposit button
  • Go to the Direct Deposit Window and then choose Employee’s Name in the Direct Deposit
  • Now, check all the requirements and type details of the employee of your company. 
  • For two accounts in paycheck deposit, you have to enter the amount and the percentage that you want to deposit in the first account. 
  • After that, you will automatically get the remaining percentage
  • Choose Ok button
  • The data and information will save automatically. 
  • Then, type the direct deposit pin
Edit, Modify, Cancel Direct Deposit QB

You can easily update the employee’s direct deposit information on the same page

You need to type the Direct Deposit Pin here; type the pin
  • Create the paycheck of employee’s by editing bank account information
  • For the older paychecks, the settlement would mechanically be deposited and reflected in the older bank account.
  • However, in wide-ranging words, you need to avoid this. 
  • First of all, delete all the paycheck, recreate it, and then send compensation to QuickBooks

Alternative Way

  • Open paycheck and then Open the paycheck screen
  • Now, Open the paycheck details, deselect the direct deposit option and then you can choose the option of Save
  • After that, you have to close it and once again, open the paycheck and then tap on the direct deposit button.
  • Be sure that you save it properly
Employee’s revenue shouldn’t be reflected with the direct deposit

For an employee that you don’t want to pay for the direct deposit, it can be easily removed from the setup

  • Select the Employees 
  • After that, Choose Employees Center
  • Now, Tap on Edit the profile of the employee.
  • Double-Hit on the employee’s name
  • Now, Open the payroll information, and Choose the payroll tab
  • Select the direct deposit button and then choose the employees’ direct deposit button

So, these are some of the steps related to how to verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop. Follow them in the exact way to get rid of these issues. If you require any assistance, you can get in touch with our Quickbooks customer service team. Here our Quickbooks experts will guide you in some alternative ways or techniques to verify Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop.  

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Fix Network Issues with QuickBooks File Doctor

Fix Network Issues with QuickBooks File Doctor: Quick Steps

Are you looking to fix network issues with QuickBooks File Doctor, if yes then you are at the right place? Follow this blog further to know steps to fix network issues with QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks is the time saver software for many small businesses globally. One can easily manage data with greater accuracy. QuickBooks have various versions in case of usability and functionality. It is accounting software. The applications are cloud-based versions that mainly it accept business payments, manages and pay bills, and payroll functions. At times QuickBooks may encounter some issues. These issues can be resolved by the help of a QuickBooks file doctor. Follow the blog further to know some steps to fix network issues with QuickBooks File Doctor.

QuickBooks File Doctor

It is repairing software that is used to fix the type of file and data corruption, network diagnosis and data file corruption, network diagnosis, windows problems, and many more. This software also checks the company damaged file and further, it helps to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

In case your company file is corrupted or is not responding it is one of the most important tools. 

The user needs to follow the content below to know the steps to fix network issues with QuickBooks File Doctor.

Steps to Fix Network Issues with QuickBooks File Doctor

Mentioned below are some steps to fix network issues with QuickBooks File Doctor. follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. You have to download the latest version of QB File Doctor and they need to run the QBFD.exe.file.
  2. It is necessary to have a .Net Framework on your PC. In case you don’t have then QBFD set up will download it automatically.
  3. Now you need to follow the simple installation process as another program you install in windows.
  4. Now double click on the QuickBooks File doctor placed on the desktop to begin the process.
  5. QuickBooks file doctors can take up to one minute to start and open. You can also manually launch it by the search for QuickBooks Desktop File Doc if it doesn’t open within a minute.
  6. After, you start the program the following steps will come in the form of a dialog box.

  • Browse your company file on your pc that you want to repair. After that, you have to click on Diagnose File.
  • Now it prompted username and password. You have to log in to the username and password of the company file that you want to check.
  • Now you need to wait for several minutes till the QuickBooks diagnosis process will complete.
  • You will be prompted to select a server or workstation. This is important to make sure that you have picked the right option.

Choose one of the options to share the company file

Yes: If you are running a File Doctor on your server computer or host computer hosting the company file.

No: If you are running a File doctor on a computer that is not hosting the company file (Workstation).

After the QuickBooks file doctor completes the repair and diagnosis process.

  • Once the tool is complete, close File doctor.
  • Try to open your file again to see if the issue is resolved.

There are three possibilities of the result and these are enlisted below:

  • QBFD didn’t find a problem 

file doctor don’t find the problem then you need to log in back into the company file and if you are still unable to open the company file then you need to start auto data recovery setup and the enter the transactions since your last backup.

  • QBFD did find a problem and able to fix it

Now you just need to click on the open new company file and wait for it till completed.

  • QBFD did find a problem and certainly not able to fix it

It recommends the auto data recovery setup and entering transactions manually since the last backup or upload your file.

If you are still not able to fix network issues with QuickBooks File Doctor then you can visit our Quickbooks payroll support team once. Our team is 24/7 available for your services. We will help you out in clearing all your queries at your convenience.

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direct deposit issues in Quickbooks

How Do I Resolve Direct Deposit issues in QuickBooks?

The Element of Direct Deposit in QuickBooks is popularly known in QuickBooks Payroll. But occasionally, sometimes clients may encounter the issue of how to resolve direct deposit issues in Quickbooks. The primary reason for such mistake could possibly be the buyer not being able to supply approval for all of the Immediate Deposit checks together while still managing the very first DD payroll. To resolve Direct Deposit issues in QuickBooks payroll you are able to contact our QuickBooks online service team. They’re always designed for your quick assistance.

Amazing Methods to Resolve Direct Deposit issues in QuickBooks payroll 

To resolve direct deposit issues in Quickbooks you ought to follow the given below solutions:-

  • Check the status of the payroll you’ve sent, and make sure the worker was within the payroll. 
  • Verify the worker’s direct deposit information. 
  • If the record information is incorrect, you could recuperate the asset with regards to the situation. 
  • Account/Routing Number is incorrect 
  • The record is for another worker 
  • The record is a closed record of the representative 
  • Develop a check for the worker. 
  • Hook up to Intuit to enter a deposit to balance the dismissed payroll. 

If you’re up to now not willing to start to see the deposit in your QuickBooks Desktop subsequent to having the payroll reject notice from Intuit, you need to physically enter a deposit. If you’re a brand new customer, establishing your account in the payroll wizard, you are going to be asked how you intend to pay your employees:  

  • With handwritten or printed checks
  • With direct deposit
  • With a mix of paychecks and direct deposit

Alternative steps to resolve direct deposit issues in Quickbooks

Mentioned below some of the alternative steps to resolve direct deposit issues in Quickbooks payroll. Follow these steps mentioned below:-

Step 1:  Verify Your Personal Identity

Enter your own personal information as the company owner or officer.  You should enter your name, home address, Social Security Number, date of birth, and government issued ID information.  We utilize this information to ensure that you’re who you say you are.  When you have been already approved for Full-Service Payroll Tax Service, you’ve already completed this task, and won’t notice it again.

Step 2:  Additional Company Information

  • Enter your organization NAICS code.  This can be a 6-digit number that identifies your organization industry. 
  • You may also enter an outline of the character of your organization along with or instead of one’s NAICS code.
  • Enter your organization website address, when you have one.
  • Confirm the contact information is correct.
  • Enter additional contact information if you will find others at your organization that is authorized to go over direct deposit problems with Patriot Software.

Step 3:  Verify Your Bank Account

Patriot uses plaid to instantly verify the financial institution account you intend to use for direct deposit ACH withdrawals.  When you have already completed this task as a Full-Service Payroll customer for tax payments, you’ll skip this step. You’ll utilize the same bank account fully for both direct deposit and tax payments.  If you select to manually verify your bank-account insurance firms Patriot deposit and withdraw a little bit of pennies, you should enter the penny amount to be able to continue your direct deposit application.

Step 4:  Upload Documents

You should upload a copy of one’s commercial/business bank-account statement. You might not work with a personal bank account fully for direct deposit.

We assume that by following these steps, you come to know about how to resolve direct deposit issues in Quickbooks on time. But in case if you are still facing issues after following these steps and don’t able to resolve direct deposit issues in Quickbooks, then you can contact our QuickBooks online service team. They will provide you some quick guidelines to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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unable to print e-filing in QuickBooks Desktop

What to Do if Unable to print e-filing in QuickBooks Desktop: Effective Steps

Are you facing the issue of unable to print e-filing in QuickBooks Desktop? Here in this blog, we will discuss some effective steps to resolve unable to print e-filing in QuickBooks Desktop. Firstly this issue can occur for numerous reasons such as:

  • Unable to Print via printer
  • PC not working properly
  • QuickBooks application freezes
  • Printer is offline
  • Improper installation of the Printer
  • User is not sign-in as system admin

Effective Steps to resolve unable to print e-filing in QuickBooks Desktop

You have to check the following steps before you start troubleshooting unable to print e-filing in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Be sure that your QuickBooks is updated to the latest version.
  • For printing error messages, you may search the assistance for the exact error.
  • Your device is associated to the printer 

Step 1: Check your printer

  • Choose the Start button and browse to Notepad.
  • Type some text and select the option of File, and then print.
  • Choose the correct printer and then select Print.

Step 2: If Print test did not work properly

  • Power off the printer
  • Restart your device, and then turn on the printer.
  • Ensure that the printer paper is loaded properly.
  • Now, choose the Windows Start button.
  • You have to browse to the Control Panel, and double tap on the option of Printers and Faxes.
  • If the printer shows an Offline mode, you have to hover right-click on the printer and choose the option of Use Printer Online.
  • Now, you have to Double-tap on the printer.
  • If the print jobs are displayed before you in the queue.
  • Select the printer and Cancel All Documents.
  • Now, Close the window and do Right-click on the printer.
  • Select the option of Properties, and after that you have to choose Print Test Page.

Step 3: Use the QuickBooks Tool Hub

If you have to print in Notepad, use the Print and the PDF repair tool from the QuickBooks Tool hub. Once it’s over, try to print it again.

Step 4: Rename the file

  • Hover Right-click on the QBprint.qbp file for your QuickBooks version and choose the Rename option.
  • Now, you have to Add the word old to the file name 
  • Go to the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Open the File menu, and choose the option of Printer Setup.
  • Select the transaction in the Name of Form list
  • Choose the OK button
  • The new file is displayed before you
  • You have to open and print any transaction.

Step 5: Verify that the printer is the correct one

  • Open the File menu and choose the option of Printer Setup.
  • Select the form that you want to print.
  • After printing you will come to know, that whether the printer is correct one or not.

However, if after following all these steps, you are still unable to print e-filing in QuickBooks Desktop, you can get in touch with the Quickbooks online service representatives for quick help and avail of on-time assistance. The representatives will explain to you the troubleshooting steps to fix the unable to print e-filing in QuickBooks Desktop issue.

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e-file 940 tax forms in QuickBooks Desktop

Effective Steps To E-file 940 Tax Forms In QuickBooks Desktop

An employer needs to file E-file 940 tax forms in QuickBooks Desktop to Federal and State Tax Authorities for paying Unemployment taxes under the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA). The current tax rate is set to some percent of first paid to the employee, and this tax amount is used to compensate workers who have lost their jobs. 

Before E-file 940 tax forms in QuickBooks Desktop steps to consider

Mentioned are some steps to E-file 940 tax forms in QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the steps given below:-

  • Be sure that all of your State Unemployment Insurance Taxes are documented, as you cannot file form 940 without SUI.
  • You must have an active internet connection.
  • QuickBooks Payroll tax tables and desktop application must be updated with the newest updates.
  • You must be listed with the IRS e File program.
  • You will be require ten digits PIN provided by the IRS.

Steps to Print and E-File 940 tax forms in QuickBooks Desktop

Here we have discussed various steps to print and E-file 940 tax forms in QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Go to the QuickBooks Desktop application and tap on QuickBooks Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s under the Employees tab.
  • Now you have to select the QuickBooks Process Payroll Forms 
  • Choose the QuickBooks Form Type page and tap on the Federal Forms 
  • Click on the OK button from the list of QuickBooks Payroll, forms 
  • Tap on the Annual Form 940 and you have to select the year for which you are filing the form.
  • Now you have to fill the form with all the credentials about your company 
  • The form is completed and you have to click on the Next button.
  • Confirm the data/information entered in the form 
  • Ensure that all the entries of calculations and amount are accurate.
  • Now you have to do check mark the box 
  • Choose whether you want any over-payment with your next tax payment.
  • Tap on the Next button for 940 form-filling guidelines.
  • Now you can select between saving the completed document in PDF format and getting a print directly from the printer.
  • Tap on the option of Save as PDF that you want to save the form in PDF format for printing it 
  • Click on the option of Print for Your Records to get a print directly from the printer.
  • Now tap on the option of Check for Errors to check the form for any mistakes and errors.
  • If your e filing service is lively, you have to tap on the Submit button.
  • You will e-file your tax form 940 directly to the IRS 
  • Now you have to tap on the Save and Close option to save a copy of the form and to exit the window.

Get-In-Touch with Tech-Specialists for Immediate Help

You must carefully fill the tax forms with precise information to avoid any penalties from IRS, and if you need the help of representatives. Our professional team of Quickbooks customer service is always obtainable 24/7 to help the users prepare and e-file 940 tax forms in QuickBooks Desktop for any state. The representatives are highly skilled to resolve your issue.

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revert Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop

EfFective Techniques To Revert Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop

If you are facing issues while revert Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop and looking for solution then you are at right blog. Here in this blog we will discuss several techniques of how to revert Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop. Follow this blog further for more information.

If you open sales receipt, invoice, or another document to create or do changes to it, you can use the Revert button or restores the first document. On an invoice form in QuickBooks there’s a tiny button located close to the “Save & New” button. Whenever you open a saved invoice to create changes- to add items, delete items or change prices– if you accidentally change something you didn’t want changed, when you click either use the Save buttons, hit on the revert button and the invoice will always go back to the saved version. However, if you want to know the answer to a question- How to revert Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop, follow the steps mentioned below.

Several Technique Operations to revert Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop

The procedure for a sales receipt i.e. how to revert Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop identical compared to that of the invoice. The “Revert” button is found in exactly the same area. The sole difference is that since a sales receipt is established during the time a person is spending money on items or services, there must be you should not come back to a saved sales receipt to produce changes.

Technique 1

  • Prior to the pay date, you’ve to attend navigation bar, select the Payroll menu.
  • Select Employees.
  • Select Employee’s name, then select Paycheck list.
  • Find the checkbox alongside the pay date.
  • Find the Delete button.
  • Select yes once you begin to see the confirmation message.
  • Get back to the Employee list and recreate the paycheck.

Technique 2

  • Tap on the option of Employees tab at the very top menu bar.
  • Choose the option of Payroll Center.
  • Tap on Resume Scheduled Payroll.
  • Right-click on the name of employee and select Revert Paycheck.
  • Click Open Paycheck Detail.
  • Enter necessary information.
  • Determine if it calculates the Paid Family and Medical Leave premiums.
  • Click Save and Close.

Alternative Technique to revert Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop

Rollback a Payroll

  • Find the Employees menu and choose Payroll Settings.
  • Find the Pay Calendar tab.
  • In this, you can Roll back from the drop-down menu and for the payroll you have to roll back.
  • Find the confirmation checkbox, and then select Confirm and Rollback.

To produce a Payroll sign in QuickBooks

  • Visit the Employees menu at the top.
  • Select Employee Center.
  • Double-click the employee’s name.
  • Visit the Payroll Info tab.
  • After Addition, the Company Contributions have to type the correct rate and limit.
  • Click OK.

If you want to know more about how to revert Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop, you can contact the tech-specialists and get your issue resolved. You can reach the Quickbooks customer service representatives for quick help you want. The experts are always there 24 hours to listen your query and provide you the resolution. With the help of experts, you can get your issue how to revert Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop fixed and you can proceed further and use the QuickBooks software in an easy and efficient manner.

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troubleshoot Issues with Your payroll account

How Do You Troubleshoot Issues with Your Payroll Account in Quick Steps

It’s very easy and simple to troubleshoot Issues with Your payroll account. To fix it, you must know some of the payroll mistakes, and after that the troubleshooting steps to resolve that mistakes. Follow the given below steps to troubleshoot Issues with Your payroll account.

Steps to Troubleshoot Issues with Your Payroll Account

Mentioned Below are some steps to troubleshoot issues with your payroll account. Follow these given below steps to get rid of this issue.

Payroll size

When you build your payroll department, it’s essential to think carefully about the job. Too many small businesses misjudge at this stage and create a payroll that does not fit their business needs i.e. either too small to manage the administrative burden, or too large to be cost effective. While this error may not have instant effects, issues will unavoidably emerge down the line in the event of a compliance challenge or unexpected payroll delay. There are several factors that are essential including your commercial sector, business, and number of employees, your location and many more.

Aware about deadlines

One of the most basic duties of a payroll department is to meet a number of important deadlines and dates on the tax calendar. You have to never ignore these tax basics: from understanding when the tax year starts and ends, every member of your payroll team should know what needs to happen, and when, or the risk incurring compliance penalties.

Always make sure that the employees are familiar with the tax landscape and it is not difficult. It could be as simple as marking important dates on a shared calendar at the start of every tax year. Similarly, payroll employees should appreciate and understand that how to communicate with the relevant authorities. They will be dealing with in their administrators and role. 


The classification of employees can be complicated as well as confusing, especially when the process takes the full-time and part-time staff members, independent contractors, and temporary staff,. Tax authorities tend to take employee misclassification seriously, but it is very easy to misclassify employees accidentally without seeing immediate effects – and only learn about the problem in an audit.


Payroll is eventually built on the small details at each and every stage of the process. Nowhere, in this rule the more important is the in record-keeping and i.e. from inducting new employees into the payroll system, to maintain their information for audit purposes. 

Recruitment strategy

Many businesses misjudge the size of the QuickBooks payroll team, and they will need the efficient process of pay on a monthly as well as weekly basis. Similarly, these employers often presume that their payroll department should be filled with the employees with strong numeracy skills and while neglecting the spectrum of peripheral duties the process demands of its employees.

With these issues in mind, it’s important to take in consideration the business factor, size of the workload, and the unique challenges its payroll department face, and by following the guidelines we have to ease all those payroll headaches. If after following these steps you are still not able to troubleshoot Issues with Your payroll account, then you can contact our Quickbooks customer service team for more assistance related to troubleshoot Issues with Your payroll account, you can contact the experts and get your issue resolved at any time. 

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